In this post we are going to learn about Android Build Types. Android Build Types is basically Android build and packaging settings for example- signing configuration for a project. For different levels of your development life-cycle build types were configured.

Two types of build are included by default when a new project is created.

  • Debug
  • Release

Debug :-

When we launch the application directly from the IDE upon a device, it is built using the debug build type.

Release :-

The build type that needs signing the APK is called Release. The release versions are targeted for the Play Store.

Apks and Android App Bundles were compiled using packages, source code, and app resources by android build system which you can test, sign,deploy and distribute. You have to assign at least one build type to build your application.

By default, just the release build type block is written in the build.gradle file.

build.gradle file

The other build categories also have attributes that we may add. Let’s add some signingConfigs to the android block first before we proceed.

Verify that a signing keyStore file has been created and contains the release-key name and the build password.

Let’s update the buildConfig with new build types and other attributes.

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