Emulator and Simulator in mobile testing
Emulator and Simulator in mobile testing

#Virtual Devices 📲

A software which creates an virtual environment which looks and behaves like the real mobile device, having all the functions of a mobile device. Emulator and Simulator are virtual devices we use in mobile Testing.

#Types of Virtual Devices:

➪ Emulator 📲

➪ Simulator 📱

  • For Android testing we use Emulator.
  • For iOS testing we use Simulator.

#Emulator and Simulator:

#Emulator 📲

An emulator imitates functions and features of another mobile device, having software and hardware specifications. By using emulator we can understand how our application in real device would behave.

#Simulator 📱

Simulator shows us the software by imitating various product configurations that exist in real device.

#Difference between Emulator and Simulator 📲

Emulator 📲

  1. It imitates hardware,software,and Operating system of an mobile device.
  2. For debugging purpose emulators are the best and suitable.
  3. Written in High-level language.
  4. Emulators are slow, its software runs slow because it imitates the actual hardware device which make it slow.
  5. For example:Google’s Android Sdk.

Simulator 📱

  1. It imitates only software and its important functionalities and Operating system.It doesnot replicate the actual hardware.
  2. Not suitable for debugging.
  3. Written in machine level assembly language.
  4. Simulators are fast.
  5. For example Apple’s iOS Simulator.

#When use Emulator or Simulator

When we should use Emulator:

To test how our app interact with different models of mobile devices and combination of hardware and software, we use Emulators.

For example: if we want to know how our application performs on various display sizes and different memory mobile devices, so emulator helps in this testing.

When we should use Simulator:

We should use simulator when our main target is to confirm that our application will work as expected when interacting with external applications or environment.

For example: you want to make data to communicate between two applications or to ensure how application will work with different screen resolutions.

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