Let’s install VS Code and some VS Code extensions that will simplify our lives when creating. To do this, just select the extension tab in the left side of your screen ( CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + X) and look for the extension you want to use.

Expand Sidebar

By sliding the blue boundary between the sidebar and the extension, you may enlarge your sidebar. This makes text in images and diagrams easier to read.

Increase text size

You may also use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl or cmd + (plus) and ctrl or cmd – to change the text size in your editor. It should resemble this in some way.

Getting started with flutter -:

  1. Click CMD + Shift + P on Mac or CTRL + SHIFT + P on Windows
  2. Select Flutter: A New Project
  3. Click to Select Application
  4. Choose a folder in which you’d like your Project placed
  5. Project name is: demo
  6. Run your App – open lib/main.dart .  then hit the play button located in the upper-right.

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