Time estimation Report in project management is the assessment of estimated number of days, hours needed to finish the work, module, issue, activity, or project is known as a time estimation report.

Issues/Activity/descriptionBest timeAvg time
1. Live and local app data Sync
2 days2.5 days
2. Respond-via-message during an 1 day 1.5day
incoming call and outgoing call.
1 day1.5 day
3. Enable SMS and disable option UI 1 day 1day
send respond SMS from panel UI
1 day1 day
4. Time scheduling for call
2 days2.5 days
5. Remove “Speed, timeout, policy” 1/2hr 1hr
option from panel
6. Auto Call Answer and 2-3days 4days
Play voice clip option Feature
2-3 days4 days

Estimate time – :
Including Buffer -:

7 days
7+1 days

9 days
9+1 days
Total estimate Time – :8 days10 days

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