Let’s first start by downloading Flutter for Windows on Flutter’s Flutter website. To accomplish this, visit the https://docs.flutter.dev/get-started/install page. 

Installing flutter on windows, The first step to programming is typically installing the necessary software, tools as well as SDKs required to complete your project. The initial configuration is the most difficult and most unsatisfying aspect of programming. Sometimes, the configuration goes off the rails, even for experienced Devs. But don’t be afraid! You’ll be programming in the blink of an eye. Make sure follow the steps below carefully.

1. System Requirements -:

It is important to first determine whether your computer is compatible with the requirements for installing. These are the requirements:
Operating System - Windows 8 or later (64 bit) , x86-64 based
Ram - Min 8GB 
need both Windows PowerShell 5.0 (included with windows 10) and Git for installing flutter on windows.

2. Download Flutter SDK

If you're able to meet the Flutter system requirements The next step is downloading Flutter SDK. Flutter SDK. The Flutter SDK is the software that allows Flutter possible. After downloading the file it is necessary to extract it.

open the "flutter" folder. Find the 'flutter_console.bat' file and double click it. It will open an Flutter application CMD window .

3. Set up Flutter SDK Path

include flutter in our path, we'll need to inform our terminal where our flutter/Sdk/bin location is.

What is path ?
The path is how your terminal can locate the programs running on it.

open the Control Panel on your system and navigate to Security and System Settings > System Environment Variables.
When you're there, click the Path environment variable, after that, click edit.
After that, click "New" to create a new variable on your existing path and add.
looks like -:

After adding flutter SDK path

open the ‘flutter_console.bat’ and execute the command flutter doctor. The command should generate an output like this:

Installing flutter on windows

If this doesn’t work , restart your computer

Go! check out my post How to create a flutter app in VS Code to set up flutter in VS code.

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